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Tips For Keeping Kids Entertained At Weddings

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If you are having a large wedding for your family and it involves a number of families that have children, there is a good chance that you are going to want to figure out some way to keep those kids entertained. The reason for this is that it will cause the kids to stay out of the hair of the adults and it will allow the kids to have a great and memorable time. Here are some potential ways that you can keep kids entertained at a wedding.

1. Have a Craft Zone

Set up a table in the back of the reception hall that has a variety of crafts for children to complete. These could be sets of markers and coloring book pages, picture frames for kids to decorate and then put photo booth stickers in, beads, or other easy crafts that kids don't need help completing. This will allow kids to migrate to the back of the hall whenever the dancing starts so that they are not in the way and so that they are occupied. It is also a good way to make sure that kids have a place where they can calm down in case they join in the dancing and become overstimulated.

2. Have Entertainers

Another option is to have a few roving entertainers that can perform for small groups of children throughout the night. The entertainers near the action of the hall, such as the bar and the dance floor, should be lower key, such as magicians, who can do their tricks without making a lot of noise or distracting a lot of people. The entertainers near the back of the hall can be higher key and noisier, such as juggling staff or people who are dressed up as clowns. These entertainers will allow you to ensure that the kids will be delighted and interested all night.

3. Have Candy Take-Homes

Finally, have a few jars of varying types of candy and small bags that children can fill as they go home. The kids can look at the candy and plan what they want to grab and then, at the end of the night with their parents' help, they can get the candy that they need.

For more information, talk to the venue that you have booked for your wedding. They might have jugglers or magicians on staff that would be available for hire.

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