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Tips For Making Balloon Centerpieces

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If you are having a party, you might be struggling with figuring out what kind of centerpiece you should be using. This can be frustrating because you want your party to have a great atmosphere and for your tables to look as good as possible. One option is to create a balloon centerpiece for each table. Here are some tips for creating such a centerpiece.

1. Flowers and Balloons

Go to the craft store or the florist and pick up some relatively cheap flowers, fake or real. Try to make them monochromatic if possible, or one two colors if not. You want there to not be too much color variation in order to make matching the color of the balloons to the flowers easier. Once you have the flowers, put a few in a small vase. If you are using real flowers, fill the vase with enough water to keep the flower looking fresh. If you are using fake flowers, fill the bottom of the vase with small, glass stones whose colors match that of the flowers or complement that of the flowers. Once you have the vases prepared, take three balloons that complement the color of the flowers and tie the ends of their ribbons together. Tape the knot to the bottom of the vase and separate the ribbons so that the balloons are forming a triangle in the air around the vase. Place the vase on the table and repeat until all of your tables have centerpieces.

2. Create a Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Another option is to go to a craft store and purchase a very small, lightweight basket. Then, take two or three balloons and tie them to the handle of the basket. This should cause the basket to rise into the air. Experiment with putting small stuffed animals or small flowers in the basket to give it more of an impression of being a hot air balloon. Then, tether the basket to the center of the table by taking a piece of ribbon and tying one end around the basket.

Cut a small slit in your tablecloth and feed the other end of the ribbon through the hole. Tape the ribbon to a small coin in order to anchor the hot air balloon in the center of the table. Another option is to safety pin the other end of the ribbon to the tablecloth.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in balloon centerpieces.