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Ways You Can Make Your Next Team Building Game A Success

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After your last team building game didn't produce the results you were expecting, you might wonder why. There are certain goals that team building games need to accomplish. By knowing how to effectively design and facilitate team building games, your next event will be much more successful.

Have Specific Goals you Wish To Achieve

Team building games should ideally have specific concepts that are meant to be taught or specific goals that must be achieved. For example, it should be clear that the purpose of the game is to facilitate creative problem solving, team bonding or any number of other objectives. By having specific goals, you can make sure that the team building game is then designed specifically to accomplish these goals.

Focus On Building Trust

Team building games are a great way to demonstrate relevant skills to help build trust. To have an effective team, each team member must be confident in the ability of other team members to fulfill their responsibilities.

Cultivate Team Coordination

One of the most important skills needed for team building is team coordination. Therefore, any games that require team members with distinct skills to work together in unison will help cultivate this skill. Sports-themed games are often well-suited for this role.

Encourage Creative Thinking

Besides sports, games that require that employees be creative are a good option. The more that creative freedom can be facilitated to allow the team members to succeed at the game, the more useful that game will be. One example of such a game is minefield. Objects are placed around the room to designate the location of mines. One employee is blindfolded and other employees must verbally guide the employee through the room without him or her touching a mine. This activity forces employees to be creative with how they communicate and also helps employees practice their communication skills.

Give The Team Leader A Chance To Lead

The team leader should be placed in a leadership role so that the other members of the team become accustomed to viewing the leader in that role. For example, the team leader may be responsible for fulfilling a referee role. Or, if your team is split into groups, and the teams are allowed to choose leaders, this can give you a sense of which employees are naturally viewed as leaders and effectively assume these roles.

Hold The Team Building Event Outside The Workplace

Team building games should ideally not be held in the office. Even though team building is ultimately meant to produce tangible benefits within the workplace, taking these activities outside the office will lead to the event feeling less formal and will cause employee participation to be less stilted. The only downside to having team building activities outdoors is that the weather can interfere with your plans. Therefore, you will need to have a backup plan for if the weather does not cooperate. Consider an indoor game site, such as Houdini’s Room Escape.